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Feb 27, 2023

5 Tips From Roofing Experts To Prepare Your Roof For The Winters

Icicles hanging from a roof in winter

Winter may be a time when many people are getting ready for the holidays and the coming new year. However, in the hustle of raking leaves and putting up lights, it’s easy to forget to prepare your roof for winter!

In fact, making sure your roofing is in good condition is one of the most important household tasks to tackle before the holiday hits. After all, the colder months are both the harshest on your roof and one of the most difficult times to complete roof repairs. That’s why it’s important to do a checkup so no roof issues pop up before spring!

From Where You Should Start

If you’re getting ready to prepare your roof for winter, you may want to reach out to a licensed professional for help. The team at Best Roofing has the experience to find any roof-related issues so you won’t have to worry!

Winter roof inspection by roofing contractor

Schedule an Inspection

One of the best ways to get your roof ready for the coming season is to make time for a winter roof inspection. Annual inspections are important, but roof inspections should be done every 6 months so any issues can be discovered and remedied before they get worse.

Whether there’s a problem with your shingles, caulking, or a water leak, an inspection will help to locate it. This can help to stave off any issues with your roof before they can lead to bigger problems!

There are some key parts of your roof you can check on your own, but for the best result, you may want to reach out to a trusted roofing contractor who can help. The professional team at Best Roofing has the experience to prepare your roof for winter and ensure nothing is missed.

A person raking leaves on a green lawn

Clear Away Leaves & Branches

The colorful leaves of autumn may be flattering for your roof color, but if they’re piling up on your roof it’s important not to let them stick around too long! 

Unfortunately, the presence of leaves, branches, and debris can disable your gutters from doing their job. Because they’re responsible for moving water off your roof and away from your home, obstructions like this can lead to water buildup.

If it’s left unchecked, this buildup on your roof can create issues with your roof structure that are hard to fix.

Be sure to clear away clutter like leaves and branches to prepare your roof for winter. You’ll also want to check your gutters to ensure they’re securely fastened and functioning effectively. 

Effective attic insulation will prepare your roof for winter

Check Attic Insulation & Ventilation

People often forget about it, but the attic is one of the first places any roof issues will appear. That’s why it’s worth heading upstairs to properly prepare your roof for winter.

Is there a strange smell? Do you notice the presence of any moisture? If there are any ventilation issues in your attic, it will lead to condensation and moisture buildup. Over time, this can lead to mold that will compromise your roof’s performance, leading to leaks and other issues.

If you notice anything odd, it’s a good idea to get it taken care of as soon as possible so the problem doesn’t get worse.

You’ll also want to look out for any signs of a rodent infestation. While pests can cause damage throughout your home, any cracks or openings in your roof mean they can gain access to your home and damage your roof.

Take Care of Trees

Removing any leaves or debris from your roof is an important part of winterizing your home. However, it’s equally important to make sure that nothing can damage your roof through the winter months.

That’s why you’ll want to take a look around your yard for any overhanging trees or branches. Trees that hang over your roof can shed leaves and branches. Unfortunately, this can clog your gutters and prevent water from being cleared away from your roof. There’s also a chance that a big branch can come down in a windstorm.

Small animals usually live in trees and overhanging branches can help them gain access to your roof too, creating damage of their own.

To prepare your roof for winter, be sure to take care of any branches or trees that may cause damage. It’s the best way to avoid roof repairs through the winter.

Chimney flashing

Review Your Roof Flashing

Flashing may not be the most noticeable component of your roof. However, it does have a big impact on keeping water out of your attic and the rest of your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to check on it before the cold weather comes around.

Flashing usually consists of a thin piece of metal. It is placed at the joints of your roof like the skylights or the chimney to protect against water. It serves as a barrier so your roof isn’t vulnerable to leaks.

Unfortunately, any issues like cracks with your flashing or caulking mean that water can penetrate your roof. This can lead to major roof leaks that can be quite a pain to repair! 

If you see any signs of corrosion or wear-and-tear with your flashing, it’s important to contact an experienced roofer right away. They’ll be able to fix the issues quickly so it can’t cause your family any grief over the holiday season.

Prepare Your Roof For A Stress-Free Winter!

Nothing can add stress to the cold months of winter like dealing with an unexpected roof repair! Whether it’s an unknown leak or a winter storm, roof weaknesses can mean big problems that require big fixes.  

Fortunately, using our tips to prepare your roof with re roofing for winter can go a long way toward resting easily. By scheduling an inspection and taking care of trees and branches, you’ll be able to avert any issues and the repair costs that come along with them.  

Do you need help with winterizing your roof before the holiday season? No matter what type of home or roof you have, the professionals at Best Roofing can take care of it!

If you will get a new roof for your home, you might be interested in our blog post: “Choosing a Roof Color to Complement Your Home“. Our experts are here to help, reach out to us today for your free quote.

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