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Licensed, Bonded & Insured #1058455

Roofing Services in Glendale

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If you are a Glendale resident in the market for new roof installation, reroofing or roof repair services, look no further than the licensed roofing contractors at Best Roofing! We are the team who protects the roof that protects your home and your loved ones and we are on-call 24/7 to respond to any roofing emergencies that may require immediate repair.

We specialize in shingle, tile and flat roofs, so whether you want to replace all your tiles, fix a leak in your flat roof, or you just need a new layer of shingles installed, we’ve got you covered. We will find you a solution that works with your schedule, fits your budget and satisfies all your roofing needs.

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New Roof Installation & Replacement in Glendale

Major investments in your home like installing a new roof or replacing your current one are not to be entrusted to just any old roofing company. Even with the best roofing materials, your new roof will only be as good as the team which installs it.

At Best Roofing, our skilled team of roofers can tackle any roof installation or replacement project on-time and on-budget. We carry a huge selection of shingle, tile and flat roofs and offer options that fit almost any taste or budget. Unsure of what kind of roof you would like to install or how to narrow down your options? Our friendly staff will walk you through the pros and cons of each kind so you can find one that provides the look, performance and longevity you are looking for.

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Reroofing in Glendale

Reroofing refers to the process of installing an additional layer of shingles over your current one to reinforce it without the need for a full replacement. This option is an excellent alternative for those shingle roofs which are still in overall good condition because it requires less labor and materials, making it quicker and more affordable.

To find out whether your current asphalt shingle roof is a candidate for reroofing, simply contact Best Roofing and one of our roofing experts will assess its eligibility and provide you with a straightforward, honest assessment free of charge.

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Roof Repairs in Glendale

Roof damage can turn from a nuisance to a disaster in no time, so addressing it promptly is a must. If your roof has recently sprung a leak or needs a few shingles or tiles replaced, Best Roofing can address it quickly and help you avoid further damage and increased repair costs.

Our experienced roofing team deals with all kinds of roof repairs for all roof types on a regular basis, so we know how to solve any issue quickly and effectively. We are also available 24/7 to provide assistance for emergency roof repairs that simply can’t wait until the morning. If you are currently dealing with a roofing emergency that needs to be addressed immediately, call us right away at (818) 696-5531.

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If you are a Glendale homeowner in need of roof installation, reroofing or roof repair services, look no further than the pros at Best Roofing! We are dedicated to providing our clients with roofing services that meet their home’s needs, compliment their personal style, and will last them a lifetime.