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Licensed, Bonded & Insured #1058455

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Your roof is one of the most important, yet overlooked components of your entire home. It performs its role of protecting the rest of the house against the elements and insulating the energy you use inside it 365 days a year, so most homeowners rarely even consider the condition of their roof. That is until an issue arises that causes stress, damage, and the repair costs that come along with it.

If you are a Sherman Oaks resident dealing with a roofing issue in need of repair or are considering having your current roof replaced, you need a licensed roofing contractor you can trust who will carry out the project with precision and care. That’s where Best Roofing comes in! No matter what your roofing needs may be, our team of seasoned professionals has an effective, affordable solution for you. We are even available 24/7 to come to your aid in the event that a roofing emergency arises outside our normal office hours.

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New Roof Installation & Replacement in Sherman Oaks

A new roof installation is generally something homeowners only have to deal with every decade or two, but because it is such a major home improvement, having confidence in who you hire is important. When you combine an expert roofing contractor like Best Roofing with today’s high-quality roofing materials, you have the recipe for a roof that will serve you for decades to come. 

Our team of roofing pros installs shingle, tile, and flat roofs and we offer a large selection of options for nearly any style, architectural design, or budget. Unsure which roof type or material would be best for your home and household needs? We would be happy to help you explore your options and explain the benefits of each until you feel 100 percent confident in your decision!

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Reroofing in Sherman Oaks

Never heard of reroofing? For those outside the industry, reroofing refers to the process of installing an additional layer of shingles over your current shingle roof for extra protection, durability, and longevity. Because it requires fewer materials and labor, it is a faster and more affordable option for those homeowners with an asphalt shingle roof that is still in fair condition.

Interested in exploring the reroofing option for your shingle roof? Simply contact us to schedule a free consultation and a member of our team will provide you with a straightforward assessment of your current roof to determine whether it is an eligible candidate for reroofing.

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Roof Repairs in Sherman Oaks

Unless your roof is very old or damaged, roof repairs tend to be an infrequent and inconvenient event in the majority of cases. That is, of course, if they are dealt with promptly and effectively. Procrastinating the repair of roof damage or missing shingles can have dire consequences that cost you a fortune down the line.

Many homeowners put off repairing their roofs because they think any issue with their roofs will come with a lot of hassle and an expensive bill in the end. We assure you that in most cases this is simply not true and even when it is, prolonging the repairs will only make it worse. At Best Roofing, we are in the business of providing our clients with fast, effective solutions to whichever roofing issue they may have. We are on-call 24/7 in case of emergency and can be there to assist you shortly after you contact us, day or night. If you are currently battling a roofing emergency, call us right away at (818) 696-5531.

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If you are a Sherman Oaks homeowner in need of roof installation, reroofing, or roof repair services, look no further than the pros at Best Roofing! We are dedicated to providing our clients with roofing services that meet their home’s needs, compliment their personal style, and will last them a lifetime.